Friday, October 21, 2016

Shannon Green's Abandoned Treasures & Mini Spinner Rack

I've been a little busy over the past few months including moving to NW Arkansas and adjusting to some pretty major life changes. But I know things happen for a reason and in the end it's all good!

Over the years I've had lots of requests to sell my creations or excess supplies and I've done a little of that on Etsy from time to time and will continue when I can. But I recently came across another opportunity that I'm very excited about!

I work part time for Canvas Corp Brands here in NW Arkansas which has been a blessing, a source of fun and inspiration, as well as a learning experience as far as the craft industry goes. The CCB warehouse and manufacturing facility contains quite a bit of inventory that is discontinued, outdated, scrap pieces, items that were misprinted or cut incorrectly, surplus merchandise from other companies, weird random stuff that everyone forgot about, etc. In other words...treasures!!

I have been allowed to dig through these treasure boxes to search out things that inspire me or that I find useful. Most of the time there is so much of it that I am able to offer it for sale at deeply discounted prices. This is VERY exciting for me because it's almost like we're all shopping at a thrift store together!

The things I find that I feel are worthy of offering up will be available in the Canvas Corp Brands online store under the ByShannonGreen brand label. They are called Abandoned Treasures and will include scrap packs, project kits, ephemera packs, tools and supplies, storage solutions, and random stuff that we can figure out together. Everything is hand-picked and curated by me. I'm not just sticking my name on stuff, I'm much too picky to allow that!

When you order over $5 from the CCB online store you will receive free shipping in U.S. CCB will also ship internationally but you will have to pay the shipping charges on those orders. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for new products, projects, and classes(!) that will be coming up soon.

The first item in my Abandoned Treasures collection is this Mini Spinner Rack I found tucked away inside a forgotten crate.

It's great for storing and displaying your craft supplies, projects, works-in-progress, craft fair goods, finished art pieces, or anything else that can be hung from the hooks. You can also paint or decoupage the plastic pieces to match your decor. Watch this video for more information, a demonstration, and assembly instructions:

There are quite a few of the spinner racks available but once they're gone, they're gone for good. Stay tuned for more goodies on the way!


Susan Hill said...

I already left a comment!!' Oh well, here goes again. You were meant to move there. For this job, and all the STUFF!!! Perfect for you. I am jealous. But I get something out of it too, I get to watch you!!!

Crafting Vicky said...

Love it!!! I have just purchased 2 :) Finally able to access the site

Linda Israel said...

I'm so happy that you have a dream job. Right where you were meant to be doing super fun stuff! Look forward to the treasures you find!

Francine Johnson McGee said...

This is so cool! What a wonderful job! I am so happy for you. I will be watching, your corner of Canvas Corp!

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