Friday, January 01, 2016

En Masse Collection Journal 2016

My first obsession for 2016 is my En Masse Collection Journal inspired by:

Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal 
Keri Smith's The Pocket Scavenger 
DeDe Willingham's Magazine Journals  
Shannon Green's Journals For No Reason 
Shannon Green's En Masse Pinterest board

I want 2016 to be the year that I use my stuff and I'm starting with a fun glue book/junk journal/art journal. I will use the categories below to fill my journal with items from my collection that I'm hoarding but not using. Then I will use it as a guide to keep an eye out for more potential journal fodder as the year progresses.

I started with 2 2015 Oklahoma travel guide books
Some pages got a little gesso, others were collaged with wax paper scraps.
This page is for #32, washi tape
Blue things go on this page for category #50
A random art journal page for no reason
Postage stamps, category #17

Watch my YouTube video for a more in depth explanation:

Down the Collection Journal category list.


CHERI said...

I ordered my OK guide!!!!! Hope they still have them:) Happy New Year!

Shannon Green said...

Good luck and Happy New Year to you Cheri!

Rita said...

I have never in my life seen a guidebook like that. You couldn't pass that up for altering--no way! LOL! Have fun! Happy new year to you and yours. :)

Cheryl said...

Beautiful pages, Shannon. Accumulators, I like it. I would rather be known as an accumulator of " art toys" and tiny pieces of stuff, than a hoarder. Thanks, Shannon, I feel so much better now! Glad you finally used all those pieces, you had accumulated over the years but never used. I oughta follow suit and do the same. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

Cheryl said...

Shannon, if anyone knows exactly how to find this magazine, please let us know. I see lots of brochures, but not this gorgeous one. I need to accumulate this too! Thank you whomever knows!

Shannon Green said...

Cheryl, go here and request the one that says "Oklahoma Travel Guide and Map Kit". The picture doesn't look like my magazine but that's the one you want.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing this idea Shannon!! I have jumped on board and can't wait to see more of your videos. Do you have a Facebook page/ group doing and sharing this?

Kelly said...

I love this concept and can't wait to start my own. I've already requested my travel guide :-D Creative Blessings! ~Kelly

Tracey said...

I saw your vid on the En Masse junky journal after ScrappingHappyXO on youtube posted hers with a link to yours..annnnyways thanks! Because it's so fun and so..approachable I just had to start one myself. :)

Rushd Lady said...

One just never knows where Shannon Green might appear! smile! Have you seen this video?
I also finished my first glue-book page -- it's here:
and have lots of other ideas linked into that article. We're just scrap-happy, right?