Monday, April 08, 2013

Baby Lock Beats A Dead Horse

Does anyone remember all the drama I went through last year while trying to get Baby Lock to stand behind their warranty on my 22 year old sewing machine? Yeah, I thought we were over that too but apparently Baby Lock can't let it go. If you need a refresher you can read about what happened in these 3 posts:

I didn't really wrap up the story because to be honest, I was sick and tired of it. In my last update I had dropped my machine off at my local Baby Lock dealer/repair center as instructed by Mr. President's assistant who assured me it would be taken care of at no charge to me.

It wasn't but maybe 3 days later when I got a call that my machine was fixed and ready to be picked up. When I got it, there was a $45 charge on the ticket for the bobbin case that they replaced, which surprised me since I didn't know there was anything wrong with the one I had. But other than that, there were no other charges on the ticket. It didn't matter to me one way or another because the bill went to Baby Lock.

So basically I spent almost a month trying to get the company to honor their 25-year warranty on my 22 year old machine and fix what amounted to less than $50 in repairs. Of course there would have been some labor charges in there if I had been paying for it, but I can't imagine it would have amounted to much since they fixed it so quickly.

Would I consider this a positive experience with Baby Lock? Well of course not! Yes, in the end they fixed my machine at no charge to me. But I spent weeks jumping through hoops just to make that happen.

I thought I was done with Baby Lock and would never have to deal with them again since I certainly will never buy another one of their machines and if something else happens to the one I've got I will toss it in the garbage and buy a new one from a company who actually knows the meaning of 'customer service'. Well, apparently Baby Lock isn't over it and requires some additional closure.

In one of my previous Baby Lock posts I talk about my experience with a Product Support Supervisor who I called "Sue". I have no idea what a Product Support Supervisor really does but if they're all like Sue they should never EVER be allowed to have any contact with customers.

Today, a good 6 months+ after all this was resolved, I got another email from Sue. It looked something, or rather exactly like this:

It has been called to our attention you still have a negative posting for Baby Lock still active.  Baby Lock has not only stood behind the warranty of your Baby Lock BL2100 but provided the service to you at no charge.  We would appreciate an update or removal of the following post:

I sent Sue a reply and included links to my other 2 follow-up posts which apparently the "attention caller" overlooked. I told her I would post again to wrap things up but that it would still not be a positive post because I did not have a positive experience!

I just can't tell you how stunned I am that Sue or anyone at Baby Lock would expect me to pat them on the back for standing behind their warranty and fixing my machine at no charge to me. Anyone who reads about what I went through to get to that point will see that it was achieved through my perseverance and had absolutely nothing to do with how awesome Baby Lock apparently thinks it is. I would have thought they'd just like to put this behind them and move on rather than dredge it up again.

But...since they insisted...I will comply. I will not remove any of my posts but I will gladly post any updates that the company requires, as long as they realize that those updates will never be positive. It was a negative experience from the git go and at this point there is nothing they can do to change that. Requests like the one I received today just serve to reinforce the negative experience I had with them. All of this is of course my opinion based on my my experiences with Baby Lock.

I have one final thought. I don't know who it was who brought my blog post to Baby Lock's attention but all I have to say to you is...thanks for reading!! I love my readers :)


Anonymous said...

Really? I can't imagine why they would think it would be a good idea to send you that email. You can't demand someone rescind a personal opinion blog post. Your experience was your experience. You do know that machine is never going to die just to spite you right?

Shannon Green said...

I know, right??!! Surely she knew I would write about it which would just make things worse. When I replied to her email I cc'd the company vice-president as know since we're BFFs and all :)

You made me LOL...yes that dang thing will torment me for eternity! I can live with that as long as Baby Lock doesn't do the same!