Monday, May 30, 2011

Perpetual Calendar Journal Thingie

I can't remember if I talked about it here or on Facebook but a while back I saw the cutest idea for a perpetual calendar journal and wanted to make one after we moved. We're all moved so I'm making one!

Since this is more of a journaling/memory keeping tool rather than a calendar tool you don't have to start at the beginning of the year. Start any time, end any time.

I'm planning to use mine as sort of a micro journal since I can't seem to commit to real journaling for any length of time. When I'm in the mood I'll journal like a mad woman for weeks at a time. Then I'll get tired of it and won't do it again for several months. I have a box full of unfinished journals, sketchbooks and notebooks that make no sense at all. Maybe one day I'll take the best stuff from each one and bind it into a new book. Which I won't finish either.

When I was 5 years old kindergarten was an optional thing and not something every child was required to attend. Shortly after starting it, I dropped out because I felt like the institution no longer had anything to offer me. (Yes, that is a pop culture reference. Can you name it?) My mother says I haven't finished anything since then. She's probably right. That's why I'm making this calendar thing into an ongoing project that will never really be "finished". Oh sure, I'll set everything up like it's supposed to be but I want to do some heavy decorating/altering on the cards and that's where I'm dropping the rules. My goal is not to do all of them, just do whatever I want whenever I want. If there's no rules I can't fail, right?

I've got some pictures of some of these calendars I found online as well as some altered Rolodexes. I want my perpetual calendar journal to function in the way it was intended, but I want it to look more like an altered Rolodex. The front of my daily cards will be blank so I can write on them but I might stick stuff on the back or randomly add some decorated cards into the mix. I want it to be fun to look at. 

Here are some of the perpetual calendar journals I've seen online. They're very nice, they function well, but they're not as exciting to look at as I would like mine to be:
Source: Rhymes With Magic
Source: Design Sponge
Source: The Unobserved Bird
Source: Emily Schwarting
Source: Kate & Ice Cream
Nice, right? Just not funky enough for my taste. Here are some altered Rolodexes or "scrapodexes" that I'm using for inspiration:
Source: Patty Van Dorin
Source: Patty Van Dorin
Source: Flickr
Source: Controlling My Chaos
Source: Craftster
A combination of those two things would be just about perfect, don'tcha think? I'm just getting started so I don't have much to show you. And I'm not going to explain the process because it's a no-brainer. If you need guidance there's a good tutorial at {Rhymes With Magic}. I knew I wanted to use this wooden....uh....thing that I've had for a few years. I think I got it at a Home Interiors party that a friend forced me to go to by tempting me with the promise of tasty refreshments. I have tons of Pampered Chef stuff for that very reason.

I cut my index cards down to fit in the container and I cut the monthly dividers down as well. I had originally just planned to make my own dividers but I just happened to find these at a thrift store for $.50.

Some of my index cards are white, some are yellow and some are that shade of yellow that used to be white a long time ago. I wish I had more of those. I just mixed them all together and stuck them in the box. I had to send Jayson out for more cards so that's why those green pieces are sticking up. I was counting.

The papers in front are just some decorative papers from my stash that I've cut to fit. I may stick them on some of the cards or dividers or just use them on their own. Then I'll add other papers and doo dads until they get so fat they won't fit in the box. Or bowl. Container. What the heck is that thing??


donna joy said...

cute-and check this out-i see a challenge comiing...

Unknown said...

Oh holy cow that's amazing. I love those polka dotted boxes!