Friday, August 21, 2015

The good news is that I'm still medicated.

My husband lost his job yesterday which is pretty much a bummer. Yes, that is an extreme case of minimizing a major tragedy. Right now I am a little temporarily insane like that.

We went through this 2 years ago when he lost the job he'd had for over 17 years. That was our first experience with unemployment. It was frightening but fortunately he got a generous severance package so we didn't have to worry too much about how to survive until he found another job.

It took 3 months to find that replacement job and we thought it would be the one he retired with. We were wrong. He got terminated yesterday because "they decided to go a different direction with supply chain". That was their reason for termination...'we changed our minds'.  I think what happened is that he implemented an effective supply chain process, completely revamped the warehouses and put procedures in place to keep things running smoothly so they decided they were done with him. Of course it won't take any time at all for them to work themselves back into the mess they were in before he got there so good luck to 'em!

Since they didn't offer him any kind of severance package (jerks) we are scrambling for ways to make ends meet until the next replacement job can be secured. Hopefully it won't take as long as last time but you never know.

By the way, the first time he was laid off was August 15, 2013. The second lay off was August 20, 2015. We've decided that August has nothing of value to offer us so from now on we will not be doing August anymore. We're just going to skip it.  

The upside of all this is that since we've been there-done that I have more of a clue about what needs to be done. First thing...unemployment. I had it taken care of within 20 minutes of getting the news. The next thing I started tackling was health insurance. We were fortunate to have a very good major medical, dental and vision plan through his company but we'll lose that at the end of the month so I got busy trying to find a replacement.

The last layoff was shortly before Obamacare took effect and I have some preexisting conditions that pretty much rendered me uninsurable at that time so we had no choice but to use COBRA. Going without insurance and crossing our fingers wasn't an option because of my prescriptions. I take several each day and without insurance they would cost us well over $1,000 a month.

I had to mortgage a kidney to pay for COBRA last time but I can't do that this time because I'm pretty sure I need at least one kidney. We do have other options...let me weigh them here:

The good news is that I can't be turned down for my preexisting conditions this time.
The bad news is that the open enrollment doesn't start until November 1.
The good news is that since we've had a qualifying life experience we can apply anyway.
The bad news is that we don't qualify for subsidies.
The good news is that we should be able to access some retirement funds to cover the expense.
The bad news is that we will have to pay a penalty for early withdrawal.
The good news is that we can avoid some of the penalties if we reinvest a portion of it.
The bad news is that reinvesting a portion could delay our cash-in-hand by a couple of weeks.
The good news is that we still have my YouTube income.
The bad news is that it isn't enough to cover the rent that's due in 11 days.
The good news is that our property manager is awesome and said to just let her know if it will be late.
The bad news is that I might not know that it will be late until after it already is.
The good news is that I'm still medicated.
For now.


Elsa said...

I believe in the strength of positive energy. And prayer. Both of which are coming to you from your many awesome followers. I am praying that the good stuff the Lord has promised comes much sooner rather than later. Keeping you in my thoughts, and visualizing Jayson employed and all of you happy and content.

VickiRossArt said...

Shannon, I laughed out loud! As long as you have your happy pills, it will be OK. We were in such bad shape two years (three?) that we did qualify for ACA subsidies, and Arkansas had the good sense (thank you Governor Beebe) to pick up the tab for us. It lasted until we got Medicare. BUT, we are obviously older than you. i can say that being on my side of 65 is pretty nice...unemployable, and already downsized a BUNCH. From 5500 sq ft on a prime private golf course in a gated community to a 1400 sq ft duplex. And happiness comes when all the pressure goes away!

I can load you my $1.25 YouTube money if you need it...oh, that's right, have to accrue $100 before I get my grubby fingers on it. Well, darn!

VickiRossArt said...

loan...not load!

Shannon Green said...

Thanks so much y'all!

Vicki if you loaned me your YouTube money I could add it to my YouTube money and buy me a coffee at Starbucks! A Grande!!

AJ (The Quilting Pot Podcast) said...

Have faith! Trust in Him! 🙏🏾 I can relate...

Denise Spillane said...

I get so angry with these companies that use people and then spit them out. Happened to me and just happened to another friend. Bless you guys and I hope I can pass you some of my recent luck. Hugs, Dee

Maureen Hayes said...


I am SO sorry to hear you and Jayson are going through this again, so unfair! I know how tough it is, and I am praying for good things to happen for you quickly. Can you tell me again what type of work Jayson does, and also if you are willing to relocate to another state? I ask because all of us can keep our ears open for an opportunity.

Sending prayers and hugs,

Roz Willoughby said...

Hang in there could use your savings for air fares and come to Australia. We still have great health cover...for how long I don't know. BTW I have 2 spare bedrooms and a lounge room full of craft supplies!! It's nearly spring too.
Hope it all works out well for you both!!

Roz Willoughby said...

Take care!!

Julie Jones said...

Hey Shannon - I feel your pain. Lost the job I was supposed to retire from some time ago. I take several meds also and found a place called Prescription Hope. I don't know if they're nationwide, I'm in Oh. But so long as my income was less than $30,000. annually I paid $15. per script and a payment I think once a yr.

Also Wal-Mart has some scripts you can get for $4.00 if they're on the list. I hope this helps. I'm still not working but get Medicaid.

Sending prayers.