Monday, February 15, 2016

Polished Stone Technique With Tattered Angels Paints

This is a simple technique for making paper look like polished stone or pieces of agate! These are the supplies I used in the following video:

Glossy pages from a magazine or travel brochure (request free US travel brochures here)
Polycrylic Gloss Varnish diluted by half with water (available from Amazon)
Rubbing alcohol (or surgical spirits) diluted by half with water (available from Amazon)
Water soluble graphite pencil (available from Amazon)
Tattered Angels paint as follows (available at Canvas Corp Brands)
Plain Jane Baseboard Mist - Purple Pansies & Sunburst
Plain Jane Simply Sheer Mist - Peony & Safety Orange
Chalkboard Mist - Seven Seas & Ruby Slipper
Glimmer Mist - Key Lime Pie
Glimmer Glam - Tinsel & Cupcake
Glimmer Glaze - Blue Cheese
Decor & DIY Paint - Crystal 

Check out these gorgeous results!

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CarolAnnTX said...

Wow! Close up shots are cool. Resemble Galaxies and Nebula photos from outer space. These will make great backgrounds or collage pieces. Well, done Shannon!

Jeannie Lafaye said...

Fun! Thanks, Shannon :)

Rita said...

Oh, love the close ups! :)

Hoopla live said...

watch very funny video collection