Sunday, November 14, 2010

Take your wife to work day

Here are a few photos from yesterday's tour of Jayson's office.  I forgot to take a picture of the outside of the building which has a lovely Expro logo at the top.  I really like Expro's logo and colors which is very strange.  They're an oil company so you wouldn't expect them to have a cool identity but they do.

We parked on the second level of the parking garage and took the elevator to the "penthouse".  Expro occupies the entire 10th floor of the building.  Here is a picture of Jayson pushing the elevator button with an expression on his face that I've seen many times before.  It's the one that says, "Holy cow, you are a complete freak.  I can't believe you're taking a picture of me pushing the elevator button.  Thank God it's Saturday and no one's here to find out that I'm married to a crazy person".

When we stepped off the elevator Jayson used his handy key card to access Expro's offices through a lovely set of glass doors with their logo etched into them.  This explains why there was no Christmas bonus last year.

The reception area is very nice and tastefully decorated.  I didn't take a picture of the area opposite the reception desk, but there are chairs and a nice table with a generously filled candy dish on top.  That earned them the Shannon Green stamp of approval.  There was also a very large flat screen TV mounted to the wall which I'm sure is used only for official business, but if I worked there we'd have HGTV going on all day.

The first area we saw had offices mostly for the financial or comptrollers or whatever with rows and rows of cubicles in the middle for their secretaries or assistants or whatever.  While we were walking around I kept thinking how cool this was and how I'd never actually been in an office building like this.  It looked just like the set of Working Girl or maybe an office in a building of a big city somewhere like...Houston.

Oh.  That's right.  We're in Houston.  Der. 

Jayson has a nice big office with nice big windows, book shelves, and chairs for his guests.  He made sure to point out a space on the wall where they will be installing a 50" flat screen TV that has something to do with his fleet monitoring he says.  I think he'll be watching HGTV all day.

Jayson has already added a few personal touches to his window ledge including a lovely picture of Taylor and a Drew Brees bobble head.

He is always talking about how much he loves the view from his window so I peeked out and immediately saw what he was talking about.  If that was my office I would stare out the window all day, longing for a Dilly Bar while HGTV blared in the background.

Oops, wrong view.  This is the one Jayson likes. each his own.


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SkylersDad said...

Do they have a "take your husband to work day" there?