Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holiday Inn Toilets and Happy Couples at The Attorney's Office

We were back in Lafayette yesterday to close on our house and I have to say it's a huge relief to have it sold!

Thursday night we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on Ambassador. Because Jayson has a special platinum Holiday Inn card thing, we got some awesome blueberry cookies and we got upgraded to a suite which is about the size of a regular room in a nice hotel.

I shouldn't make fun cuz it was really kinda nice and I liked the huge bathroom. Or at least I did until I peed in it. When I flushed the potty it made a really loud thumping sound like a mortar shell coming out of the tube. Sure enough, that was followed by an explosion which flushed everything away with such force that I was afraid I'd be sucked in.

When Jayson headed to the bathroom I warned him that the flusher was loud but since he's deaf in one ear I thought maybe he wouldn't notice. I heard him flush and when he came out of the bathroom his eyes were wide and he said, "Holy crap!!"

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On Friday morning we got to the attorney's office a little bit early so we relaxed and flipped through a few magazines for a while. They had all the current issues of Architectural Digest so I wasn't in any hurry.

While we were waiting for our 10:00 appointment time, another couple came in to close on a house they were buying. I can't remember their names so let's call them Bob and Sue. Sue teetered in on her stilettos and plopped her over-coiffed self down in a chair and grabbed a magazine. Bob came in behind her, talking way too loud on his cell phone. Sue looked irritated at him and to be honest so was I. I was relaxing quite comfortably with my magazine and my green tea till Bob came in and knocked my chi all outta whack.

Bob finally got off the phone and checked in at the desk. The receptionist told him that they were not supposed to be there until 11:00. Sue slammed her magazine down on the table and rolled her eyes so hard I could hear them spinning from across the room. I swear I thought her pupils were going to turn into 7s and coins would start spewing out of her mouth. Instead what spewed out was, "Way to go, Bob!"

The receptionist went on to explain that they were supposed to be at the Home Bank down the street at 10:00 then at the attorney's office at 11:00. They still had plenty of time to get to Home Bank before their 10:00 appointment so I didn't see what the big deal was. But for whatever reason this mix up was an unforgivable sin in Sue's book. She started yelling at Bob, "I knew I couldn't trust you to do this one thing right! This is so typical, you screw up everything!" and she continued to berate him as they left the office.

Jayson and I both looked at each other and said, "Daaaaaaannngg!" I was tempted to call adult protective services because Bob is very obviously an abused husband. If he had popped Sue in the mouth right there in the office, I would have sworn to the police that it was self defense.

If I ever talk to my husband like that I hope he slaps some sense into me. Of course I would then shoot him in the kneecaps while he slept but at least we'd have a mutual respect for each other.

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