Saturday, May 07, 2011

Progress on Our Urban Shabby Cottage Modern Vintage Chic House

I'm making progress with the unpacking and putting away thing, but it's taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I'm going to blame the movers for this since it certainly can't be my fault. They did a very thorough job of wrapping and packing all our stuff, but in some cases I think they went a little overboard. Taylor's flip flops were individually wrapped. My little dry line white out thing from the desk drawer was individually wrapped in two layers of paper. Okay, seriously? I can only guess that they've had previous bad experiences with people complaining about broken flip flops and white out. I appreciate the care they used with our belongings but it sure does make the unpacking process quite tedious.

Here area  few pictures of some of the stuff I've put away. I just can't imagine who would be interested in seeing the inside of my kitchen cabinets but evidently some people are because I get the most bizarre emails from them. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or frightened.
This makes me happy.
I love this pull out bin thing under the kitchen sink. The chrome one that matches all the other pull outs I got was just too expensive but I'm happy with this.
I may go back today and get one more of these lid older things. This one is great for my cookie sheets but I'm not happy with my lids.
I put a pull out thing in all of my lower cabinets because I'm too old to squat and dig.
Plastic stuff and small gadgets.
My spice cabinet with the handy dandy pull down rack.
My appliances. My big honkin' vintage KitchenAid Hobart mixer gets to live on the counter now which makes me happy since it weighs 30 pounds and is hard for me to lift since I don't weigh much more than that. Ahem.
The broom closet. I left a space on the right side for some kind of little shelves that I haven't found yet. When I do find them they will hold stuff for the dog like treats, shampoo, medicine, chew toys, etc.
This is the shelf over the washer & dryer with little baskets I got at the 99 Cent Store. I do have things to put in those empty bins, I just haven't unpacked them yet.
Snappy is watching me blog. She can see in the window just fine from the ground but she gets a better view if she stands on the table. Guess I should move it.
The pantry still needs a little work but I like that I found a place to put my recycled bottles and jars on the top shelf. I put a piece of scrap wood under them. See that little ledge on the wall above the bottles? There's still lots of room above that...wasted space. I've asked Jayson to make me a narrow shelf to put on that ledge for my taller bottles so I can use that dead space.
Lest you think I'm hoarding empty bottles & jars for no good reason, here are a few examples of what I do with them. My EVOO is in a bottle that had some kind of peach tea in it at one time. I see I forgot to make a label for it. My cornstarch is in a little jar that I bought and used when I made satsuma marmalade a few years ago. The vinegar bottle used to have apple cider vinegar in it so when that was gone I peeled off the label and put a cork stopper in it and now my regular white vinegar lives there. Yeah, I hoard corks in all different sizes but as you can see that can be a good thing.
I've had these canisters for a hundred years and this is the first time they've actually matched my kitchen.
This linen closet is way smaller than our previous one so getting everything in there was tricky. Thank God for Space Bags. Plus I have an unfinished blanket chest in the garage that will help with this whenever I get around to fixing it up.
This makes me happy too. Those little bins were on sale at The Container Store and I spent over an hour measuring and reconfiguring the arrangement before I ordered them so that they would fit just right. I don't know what to put in that little empty square bin but I'm glad it's there.
I'm not excited about this drawer. It's smaller than the silverware drawer and the bins didn't come in the sizes I really needed so I had to make do. It's okay for now but I hate that the can opener is in the same bin with the knives. That's just not right.
I miss the bayou.


shamayn said...

I want a pull down spice shelf!!! Wwwhhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!
Why in the world do you need that many corn cob spike/pick/skewer thingies??? I have an incomplete set of 3!!! One lucky person gets two and the unlucky person gets one and has to risk eating their finger. Really I just save the one for dad in case he wants a corn cob holder...since he only has the one good arm.

Shannon Green said...

LOL Just shove his onto a stick and call it a cornsicle. I had no idea you were lacking in cob holders! When you come visit you can take some of mine home with you. The white ones are the only ones I really like, you can have the tacky corn shaped ones :) I think mom gave those to me...with the matching plastic corn trays. You can have those too. I insist.

correspondent said...

Hi Shannon,

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Best wishes,
Space Savers community correspondent