Monday, June 27, 2011

Adults Do The Darndest Things

Tonite we had dinner with the Thibdoeauxs at Lupe Tortilla.  There were 8 of us so the four adults sat at one end of the table, the two oldest kids toward the middle and the youngest kids at the end. The way God intended.

Jayson was sitting at the end of our end of the table and noticed an unusual looking device laying on the table next to us. There were 2 adults and 3 kids at that table and next to one of the adults was an electronic device that looked like a cross between an iPhone and an iPad.

I was positioned facing the adjacent table so I got a fairly good glimpse of the device but was too far away for me to be able to distinguish any details. Jayson thought it might be some kind of strange cell phone or other communication device but he wasn't sure.

The table of interest was behind Chad and Jamie so they couldn't get a good look at the mystery device without being too obvious. Chad glanced back a couple of times but never saw anything. He was convinced it transformed into a burrito the minute he turned around.

Jamie was sitting directly across from me and next to Jayson which put her in a good position to get a good look but she'd have to turn completely around in her chair to do so. She very discreetly did the "oops I dropped my napkin" maneuver, bent to the side and looked behind her. Needing a better view, she bent lower and lower and lower and twisted further around until she was pretty much standing on her head. Discreetly.

She said it appeared to be some kind of gaming device and we all agreed that made the most sense. Later in the meal the lady handed the device to one of the kids, confirming our brilliant deduction. Chad and I got on our iPhones and began Googling images to find one that matched the device that now held our full attention and was the main topic of our dinner conversation. (Well, that and how long it takes some family members to drop a deuce but I won't get into that).

After presenting Jayson and Jamie, who got the best view of the device, with at least a dozen different images of potential matches, we finally found one that they both agreed was a definite match. Here is the image we found:

The picture is an outdated version of the PSP handheld gaming device but it was the silver circle on the back of this one that helped us to finally be able to discover what it was. Since the nearly hour long mystery had been solved we were finally free to leave the restaurant even though Chad still had doubts the device ever existed.

Once we were in the car we began to congratulate one another on our amazing investigative skills. For the first time the kids overheard what we were talking about so we briefly told them about how there was a strange looking device on the table next to us and I handed them my cell phone to show them the picture above.

8 year old Emily said with a puzzled expression on her face, "That's a PSP".

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