Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Water for The Inherently Lazy

Did you know that you can get bottles of water delivered directly to your front door for about the same price as buying them at the store?? Okay, maybe everyone in the free world but me already knew this but I just learned it and I'm SO impressed!

For some reason we've been drinking a lot more water since we moved to Houston. I think that's partly due to the fact that we've trained ourselves to grab a bottle any time we leave the house because you never know when you might be stuck in traffic for 2 hours. The only thing worse than being thirsty in gridlock is having to pee in it. Or rather, during it. In the midst of it. Whatever.

Last week I reluctantly started cruising websites to see who had the best deal on one of those big 5 gallon water cooler things. We've gone that route before which was fine, but I have several issues with those coolers. For one thing they're ugly and they take up space that could be used for something much cuter. Also, I have a few parts and pieces missing from my right wrist due to a surgery I had to have caused by a birth defect that went undetected for 35 years which was probably the result of too much intermarrying in my mother's family. In other words, I can't lift those heavy 5 gallon bottles. My final complaint is that they work fine until they don't. I've had one of the coolers malfunction and dump 5 gallons of water onto my kitchen floor and I don't care to relive that experience.

Imagine my surprise, dare I say my elation, to discover that most of the water companies who deliver those 5 gallon bottles to your door will also deliver cases of regular bottles of water if you so choose! And I do so choose! I woke up this morning to find 2 cases of Sparkletts water bottles waiting for me on my front porch. They're easier for me to lift and carry than those 5 gallon beasts plus I can now cross "water" off my grocery list! It's a very exciting morning here at the Green House.

And don't even think about lecturing me on how wasteful all those water bottles are. If you read this blog with any regularity at all you should know that I either recycle each of those bottles or I repurpose them into some amazing piece of art that would make Michelangelo green with envy. In my mind.

In case you're wondering, here are the water sites I investigated:



Nestle Pure Life

I had intended to choose Ozarka because they had the best price for my area but Jayson said he doesn't like Ozarka water because it makes his throat scratchy. I honestly can't tell one bottled water from another so it didn't matter to me.  I investigated several other brands but found they were all part of the "Ozarka family" which to me meant it's all the same water wearing a different dress.

I don't remember why I chose Sparkletts over Nestle. That was like 4 days ago and I'm not a history major, okay? They were all pretty much the same as far as price and options so I think I picked the one with the easiest to maneuver website. Or the prettiest graphics. I've used that criteria to choose things way more important that water and you'd be surprised at how often it works out well.

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shamayn said...

You chose Sparklettes over Nestle because in your subconscience mind you remembered I contracted a parasite from Nestle bottled water in 2004. This parasite led to the "I nearly died from a parasite trauma of 2004"...hence the sparklette.