Friday, August 21, 2015

How Not To Buy Insurance

You don't have to be elderly, uneducated or naive to get taken advantage of. It happened to me yesterday. Although I am not uneducated in general, I am uneducated when it comes to details about health insurance. Fortunately I was able to get educated before any serious damage was done but I am absolutely stunned at how easily I was duped. This is really long but I hope it's helpful for someone out there.

If you find yourself unexpectedly unemployed and needing to secure new health insurance within a matter of days, I have some tips to offer.

First and foremost, do NOT use this website for your search:

If you do, your phone will ring approximately every 5 minutes from sun up until sun down for at least 2 solid days. Every incoming call will display a different number so there is no effective way to block the calls. Don't do it. Trust me.

I didn't know that when I used this website yesterday to help with my health insurance search. It seemed harmless enough, the design was simple and pleasant. All I had to provide was my zip code, name, email address and phone number. Normally I never put my phone number in an inquiry form but I was certainly not opposed to receiving phone calls since we needed to get new insurance pronto.

I clicked on the button that said "Get Quote" and was immediately taken to another page where all kinds of different insurance policies were listed for comparison. I was staring glassy-eyed at all the options when I heard Jayson say those all too familiar words "let me let you talk to my wife". I was barely even aware his phone had rung.

I took the phone and the person on the other end said they were calling in response to the insurance inquiry I made online. I asked them if they were talking about the one I had just done literally 2 seconds ago...the one where the page still hadn't finished loading. They said yes. I said that's really freaky and borderline scary. They agreed.

I guess I should explain the reason I put Jayson's phone number on the form instead of mine. First of all, we have no land line, just cell phones and we like it that way. Second, I have no experience with shopping for insurance. We've always had it provided through Jayson's job where he is the insured and me & Taylor are the dependents. That is my mindset when it comes to insurance so not only did I put his phone number in the form but I put his name as well!

After a few preliminary questions I was transferred to Craig Schneider who introduced himself as a licensed agent with Health Benefits Center. I explained my situation and told him I wanted to see what my options were. The first thing he asked me is how much we're able to spend. The response on the tip of my tongue, the one I was barely able to bite back, was, "OMG Seriously??! Do you really think I'm stupid enough to tell a salesman how much I'm willing to spend?!"

Apparently I'm a lot stupider than that. Okay, maybe not stupid but most definitely uninformed. I told Crooked Craig that since we have no income we aren't able to spend anything at all but we still need insurance and I would like to know what's available. He explained that he has 16 different companies to choose from so he was confident we'd be able to find a good fit.

He began with a package that he said costs $332.83 per month. I don't know much about insurance and I know even less about Obamacare but I knew that sounded unreasonably low. However, I was willing to forgo some benefits in order to save money since that's something we're short on right now.

Crooked Craig started describing what sounded like the top of the line package. It was what he called a MultiPlan PPO with a huge network from which we could choose our doctors. We've always had a PPO so I liked the sound of that. When I mentioned the low price he explained that a MultiPlan is like a big group which helps to keep the costs down.

That sort of made sense to my unemployment traumatized brain so I let him continue.

He explained that it's through Companion Life which is well established and reputable. I've never heard of them but then I've never had to shop for health insurance so I have no idea what's out there. He also said our coverage is good nationwide, not just in Texas. That sounded great.

Then he said it includes dental and vision coverage, which sounded perfect but I began to expect the other shoe to drop at any moment.

He started rattling off all the benefits, copays, etc., which all sounded fantastic, but I had to cut him short since I really had only one major concern: prescription coverage.

Crooked Craig explained that it's a 3-tier system that will cover up to 80% of the cost of the prescriptions. He kept wandering off that topic and I had to bring him back a couple of times. I told him I was familiar with tiered plans and asked if there was a set copay amount for each tier. He said no, it's a percentage of the cost up to 80%. I wanted to ask if there was a different percentage for each tier but he kept wandering away from the topic and assured me that all the details would be forthcoming once we got signed up.

Again, I was about to let him know that I needed those details BEFORE we signed up but then he started telling me about the 30-day "free look" where we could take our time to read all the documentation and if we decide it's not going to work we will get a refund.

Getting a refund for something like that is generally a pain in the backside but we didn't have time to waste and overall it sounded too good to be true. So I told Craig that. I said, "It sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?"

He assured me there's no catch. He said one of the reasons they're able to keep costs so low is because it doesn't offer maternity coverage. I later found out that should have raised a big honkin' red flag but it didn't because I am uninformed when it comes to insurance and I pretty much ignored all the talk about Obamacare because we've always been insured through Jayson's job therefore it didn't apply us.

I know, I know. That was very foolish and I realize that now.

I told Crooked Craig I was ready to sign up and wanted more details on what it would cost. He said he would spell everything out but basically all it would take to get it started is the first month's premium plus the enrollment fee of $155 so the total would be $487.83.

Again, if I had a clue I would have known that there is never an enrollment fee when you apply for insurance but I didn't have a clue so I said okay. He did make sure to specifically ask me if any of us would be needing any kind of surgery within the next 12 months. He explained that there is a 12 month waiting period before we can receive full benefits on surgical procedures but that didn't include emergencies. If an appendix burst or one of us broke a leg, we would get our full benefits. I assured him we had no surgical needs that we were aware of. I reminded him that my one and only concern at this point was prescription coverage and he assure me I would be happy with it.

I completely failed to see anything wrong with what I was told, other than the fact that I was missing some detailed information. That didn't bother me too much since I knew I could cancel and get a refund if the details didn't please me.

I was transferred to Mario in the verification department of Health Benefits Center to complete my application. He said he was required by law to read several pages of "fine print" and to record the process. If I stopped him at any time to ask a question he would have to restart from the beginning and it would take at least 20 minutes to get through it all.

At that point I had been on the phone for over an hour already so I wasn't looking forward to another half hour of crap I wasn't even interested in hearing. Then Mario asked if I happen to be calling from a smart phone. I told him I was then he said we could save tons of time if he sent me a link to the documents and let me sign them electronically by phone.

I told him I'm a big fan of saving time so he sent me links to the documents and gave me very good instructions on how to sign by phone. He did warn me that there were a lot of pages and I would have to sign 8 or 9 times. I was good with that if it meant I got to avoid 20 minutes of listening to insignificant legalese.

I fully intended to browse though the documents because I never sign something that I haven't read and don't fully understand. That didn't really work. I was overwhelmed by the number of pages and the "fine print" is bad enough when it's full size but on a cell phone it's practically just squiggly lines. I gave up trying to read and just crossed my fingers that I wasn't signing something I would regret. Like an Amway membership.

At the end of it all Crooked Craig assured me I would be receiving email copies of everything as well has hard copies of all the detailed benefits. He said that he is my agent and he is available at any time if I have any questions whatsoever. He gave me his phone number and stressed that it was his direct line. It was an 800 number which is rarely a direct line so I asked him for his extension. He stumbled over it a little but did give me a 4-digit extension.

That whole process took over 2 exhausting hours so I relaxed while I looked over the documents that were emailed to me.

There was some confusing strangeness in the documents but really the only thing I was interested in was getting the details for the prescription coverage. I finally found the link, went to the website and began entering in each one of my prescriptions to see what my savings would be. The prescription that gives me the most trouble is the one I take for narcolepsy. Without insurance a one month supply would cost me around $600. It's like swallowing a $20 bill every day. I can get it cheaper at Walmart, it's only $594 there.

Right now I pay around $250 per month out of pocket but I was pretty sure the new insurance would be higher. I was correct. With my new insurance I would be paying $1106 per month for my prescriptions. Not ideal but still better than trying to pay for them without insurance right? That would cost me $1200 per month.

Clearly this wasn't going to work so I began to try to get in touch with Crooked Craig to cancel my policies. This proved difficult since the only options I was given when I called the 800 number were for customer service or for the operator. There was no way to enter his extension. I tried the operator, several times, and each time she connected me to his extension there was a weird artificial sounding busy signal.

I intended to try customer service but Jayson's phone was still ringing off the hook so he asked me to please answer some of the calls and make them go away. Since I decided that the policies I had just signed up for weren't going to work, we still needed insurance so I didn't mind talking to some people anyway.

I answered the next call and spoke with Sheridan from Fortegra. She was really nice and ended up being extremely helpful. I explained our situation to her then told her that I signed up for insurance that morning but found out I'm going to have to cancel it because the prescription coverage, the one thing I need most, is pretty much non-existent.

Sheridan groaned then asked, "Did you by chance sign up for a MultiPlan?"

I said, "Yes. Is that bad?"

She said, "It's not necessarily bad but it's not insurance."

Then she asked if we were asked to pay a huge enrollment fee. I told her I didn't really consider it to be huge but we were asked to pay $155. She said there is never an enrollment fee for insurance.

I did not realize this.

She then went on to explain that she talks to at least one person a day who has done exactly what I did but they usually don't realize it until they go to use their benefits and find out that they don't have any. She said it's nothing more than a discount program. She said it's really not bad to use for supplemental insurance with your major medical but if it's the only coverage we have we'll get penalized at tax time.


I told her I was shocked that I was so easily deceived. I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper and I'm not stupid so I never thought I would have been capable of falling for something like this. Sheridan said she doesn't know how these people sleep at night. She assured me that it happens daily and can happen to anyone since insurance is so confusing and most people aren't aware of the details they need to know.

She was surprised they actually sent me the documents they promised then advised me to read all that fine print. Somewhere in there it would clearly state that it is not insurance.

She was right.

I was stunned.

I told her I hadn't cancelled yet but intended to and she told me to make sure I demand a full refund or else I would report them to the Texas Department of Insurance and to the BBB. I told her I would say that then go ahead and report them anyway ;)

She did get us signed up for some actual insurance with United Health Care (the first company name I've recognized through this whole ordeal) which will work just fine. She specifically checked for how much coverage I would get on my narcolepsy medication and it was acceptable. Our premiums are about 3 times what Crooked Craig the Criminal quoted me but that's what I was expecting to pay in the beginning.

Once I got everything squared away with Sheridan I went back and started reading through Crooked Craig's documents and doing some Google investigating. Everything Sheridan told me was spot on and then some. I discovered, much to my surprise, that not only had I signed up for what I thought was major medical, dental and vision insurance, but apparently I also signed up for life insurance and an accidental death & dismemberment policy through something that looked a lot like Amway.

I knew it.

It took some digging but I was finally able to figure out what they did and the cost for it all. Crooked Craig told me I was getting medical INSURANCE along with dental and vision for $332.83 a month. Here's what I actually got:

Principle Advantage Limited Benefit Health Insurance from Companion Life Insurance Company for $181.43 per month.

Group Accident Insurance from Unites States Fire Insurance Company where Med-Sense Guaranteed Association is the policy holder and I am the certificate holder. I didn't understand what that meant but there was a glossary of terms in the paperwork. It said, "”Policyholder” means the entity shown as the Policyholder in the Schedule of Benefits." I am totally NOT making that up! Anyway, that costs $36.95 per month.

Med-Sense Guaranteed Freedom Spirit Plus Membership. Apparently I'm at the coveted Topaz Level. At first glance it looks like another insurance policy but it's actually a membership program where you can get discounted services on stuff like cell phones and car rentals and magazines and vitamins. The price for that membership that I didn't know about and don't want is $48.40 per month plus $16 per month for administration fees for a total of $64.45 per month.

Discount Medical Plan from Careington International Corporation but only the dental portion. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $30 then it's $50 per month.

That all adds up to $332.83 per month plus $155 in enrollment fees. From what I can tell I have something that calls itself health insurance from Companion Life Insurance company but is not health insurance because it clearly states that preexisting conditions are not covered for the first 30 days and hospitalization, surgery and anesthesia benefits resulting from a preexisting condition are not available for the first 12 months.

Then I have the coveted Topaz Level membership in the Med-Sense Guaranteed discount club Amway-thing. My membership includes a free $100K life insurance policy, eyecare discounts from Outlook Vision and prescription discounts from Agile Rx. For an additional charge I also have an AD&D policy from United States Fire Insurance Company. That's why Med-Sense shows to be the policy holder...they bought it from the insurance company and sort of subcontracted the benefits to me.

The AD&D policy is "signed" by Andres Canal, Agent #890000 in the state of TX. Insurance licenses are available to the public and easy to find so I did a quick search. Not surprisingly there is no agent #890000 in the state of Texas. However I did find this Texas agent:

Agent #1854877

The dental plan from Careington calls itself a discount plan and makes it clear in the fine print that it is not insurance. However it is also signed by our friend Andres Canal. The Florida license number on the document was false, of course, but I did find that his actual license number is W156369 and he's in Boca Raton, FL.

Pieces of the puzzle were starting to fall into place. I did a Google search for Health Benefits Center, where Crooked Craig said he was calling from, and found that it is located in Hollywood, FL but earlier this year they expanded their operation to Boca Raton. I learned that Steve Dorfman is the CEO and the BBB gives them an F rating.

I Googled the name of the company where all of my emails came from: Health Insurance Innovations. I found nothing interesting on the website other than the same vague insurance service offerings I've been seeing everywhere else but in their "about" section they do list their association with Med-Sense Guaranteed. A quick BBB search showed that the company has issues.

I Googled Steve Dorfman and discovered that he is also the CEO of a company called Simple Insurance Leads. More vagueness on the website but there is a BBB Accredited Business link on their website. I clicked it and it went nowhere. I searched for them on the BBB website and came up with nothing. Clearly the BBB isn't aware they have accredited this company.

From what I can tell this looks like a very large scam operation that uses licensed agents to deceive people and maybe even some legitimate insurance companies. Andres Canal has insurance licenses dating back to 2013 so I'm willing to bet that when he gets his license revoked they'll just replace him with someone else.

I called Health Benefits Center back to try to get in touch with Crooked Craig and was once again connected to a busy signal. I called back and chose the option for customer service and got a recording that gave me another phone number to call. I called that number and found myself speaking to someone at Health Insurance Innovations, where my policy emails originated.

I informed the representative that I wanted to cancel all of my policies that I just got the day before. She asked why I wanted to cancel and I told her because I was told they are insurance but they're not Obamacare compliant. She said the enrollment period doesn't start until November 1 so I can't buy Obamacare insurance right now. I told her I most certainly can buy it right now because my husband just lost his job. She stumbled over that then confirmed my cancellation and told me it could take 3-5 business days for my refund to appear in my bank account. I thanked her and hung up but couldn't understand why it would take several days for a deposit to show up when the withdrawal came out of my account the minute I gave Crooked Craig my account information.

Just to make sure all my bases were covered and I have a paper trail, I found the email address for cancelling policies and sent the following to Health Insurance Innovations:
Effective IMMEDIATELY, please cancel the following policies and any other associated policies that I am not aware of. I revoke my electronic signature and any use of it to authorize further payments will be considered fraud and prosecuted as such.

Principle Advantage Member ID xxx (this includes Dental and Vision)

Freedom Spirit Plus Member ID xxx

Accident Insurance Member ID xxx

I signed up for the Principle Advantage plan which was presented to me by Craig Schneider as a major medical health insurance policy for my family. I later discovered that it is not health insurance therefore my signature was obtained fraudulently so it is now considered null and void on that policy as well as any others that I wasn’t aware I was signing up for.

I expect a FULL and immediate refund of the charges totaling $487.83 that were deducted from my bank account August 20, 2015. If this FULL refund is not back in my bank account by Friday, August 21, 2015 at midnight CDT, I will proceed with my complaints to the Texas and Florida Departments of Insurance and to the Better Business Bureau against Health Insurance Innovations, Health Benefits Center, MultiPlan, Companion Life, Med Sense Guaranteed Association, and Craig Schneider. Just to be thorough I will also include Steve Dorfman as well as Simple Insurance Leads.

I will then use my social media reach to publicly reveal the details of how I was defrauded into signing up for a non-Obamacare compliant discount program because I was told by a company representative who claimed to be a licensed insurance agent that it was major medical health insurance for my family.

I would appreciate your immediate action in this matter.

Shannon Green
Today is Friday but it's not quite midnight so guess what? I lied. That's okay, I'll use my extra special Topaz Level Med-Sense Guaranteed Association Amwayesque membership to send them a discounted bouquet from 1-800-Flowers.


Anja Voigt said...

Oh dear!!! What a trip! Well done! Plesse let us know how it went in the end!

KateF said...

Great detective work on your part. I would venture a guess that it's not uncommon that employees who have health insurance provided by their employers would be in the same boat under similar circumstances as yours just because the employer takes care of all the leg work in choosing the insurance provider, the insurance plan and, if they're large enough, can negotiate premium cost. Enjoyed reading your post, and best of luck on the refund!

VickiRossArt said...

Shannon, I learned something last week, too. I take a wee bit of Ambien for my PTSD. We've been getting used to Medicare and have Humana and no other supplements...$104 each per month. That is all I can budget. They don't cover Ambien for over 65... Or is limited to two refills a year. A friendly local pharmacist tole me to go online and search for generic Ambien. She was on computer at same time directing me. I found a coupon from Target for $5 instead of $49.

Ask me sometime how much I despise insurance companies, especially homeowners. The entire industry is rigged NOT in our favor!

Denise Spillane said...

What a nightmare! Vickie, good job on your stuff. Shannon, you should become a consumer advocate for hire! Wow girl, you are amazing and so persistent. I guess my lesson learned from this is trust your gut and do your research (which I am bad at). Hugs and good luck to Jason with the hunt. I did the search on that site and got tons of calls, still am but did not sign.

Sandi Marr said...

Good for you Shannon! They messed with the wrong person because I know you don't give up! What jerks, and do they sleep at night. Crazy stuff. You are a smart woman, so just think of how many people fall for this crap at their most desperate point and then are stuck with these jerks. I'm so impressed with your follow up!

Aimeslee said...

Shannon! I just looked at your google+ - are you really in the Richmond Rosenburg area? I'm on the other side of Htown in Baytown. Girl, Jason needs to start the application process at ExxonMobil, Bayer or Chevron Phillips here. My hubby has 25 years in at the XOM refinery, will retire in 2017. This side of Htown and Baytown in particular is fixing to explode! (Our paper, the Chronicle, and tv 2/11/13 have all reported it.

So many petrochem expansions! And all the reverb extra biz that creates. It might be he has to get into something new or different, girl, there ARE jobs here!!!! xoxo, Aimeslee

Rncine said...

Just read your insurance story and want to thank you for telling it. Unbelievable how these idiots operate and get away with it.
So sorry about your hubby losing his job, hopefully there are openings where Ameslee said. Please I beg you to get this story told everywhere, your newspaper, computer clubs(they can spread the word very fast) Yelp and lastly
I am in a computer club and will forward this to them. Love your YouTube channel.....Francine

kcbudyzr said...

Thank you for taking the time to post your experience. I had the almost exact same experience last Friday as I was shopping for health insurance online. My phone rang off the hook, and I decided to speak in-depth to 2 different agents. One told me Companion Life underwrote the insurance. The other was "Unified Health". Both required enrollment fees. I couldn't believe what they were telling me, but as good as it sounded, the "too good to be true" thing kept sticking in the back of my mind, and I didn't sign up for anything. They said they couldn't provide a brochure or plan summary for me to review prior to me signing up. I did not go to such great lengths as you to investigate, except doing a google search afterward about multiplan PPO's; that's how I came across your blog. Again, thank you for sharing.

Jessica Arellano said...

Hello,I really hope you did receive your refund because I am waiting to receive mine in 3-10 business days starting today. I fell for the same BS and ending up paying $456.24. I feel so dumb! I could definitely be using that money for Christmas.

r Rosales said...

Yes I asked the rep I was talking to specifically if this was a discount plan or an actual medical insurance policy- and he assured me many times it was a medical insurance plan! Liars! I am going to request my refund immediately! This is ridiculous!

NAR Padro said...

This is great! My friend had an almost identical experience so far and he wondered what email you sent your cancellation notice to as he plans to do the same. Also, it would be great to hear a follow-up since this post in August as to whether you received your refund, how promptly, and was everything cancelled? Many thanks!

Michelle LaFrance said...

What is their email address for cancelling? I can't find any information to cancel my policy. I went to what I thought was an obamacare website and was somehow connected to this fraudulent company. I now have ACTUAL obamacare insurance and want to cancel this horrible fake policy.

Shannon Green said...

I honestly don't remember the email address where I sent my cancellation request. Fortunately I did receive a full refund but didn't see the need to keep any records after that.

Dig around on the website, you'll find an email address...or two. Send it to every address you find and one of them will be right!

AbbyGates said...

Does anyone have an email address they have emailed to get a refund and Actually got a refund? Maybe Shannon you can look through your history to find the websites that you got your emaill addresses from. I have not been able to get my refund yet

Nicole Vespone said...

Thanks for this, they just tried to reel me in and I hung up at the verification stage. Thanks for this!!

Enmanuel said...
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Enmanuel said...
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Susan Baker said...

I purchased a multi plan / companion life insurance plan back in march, i went to 2 doctor visits where i only paid $12 each and in nov. my 14 year old son broke his wrist playing football, the $1,200 emergency room bill only cost us $105.00, we shopped many plans and could not afford most of the major medical plans.they were way more then double the price

Susan Baker

Steve AZ said...

Thank you Shannon for posting your experience.
I am 60 and have no health ins. as my wife and I are self employed.
I googled, "aarp" to see what they had to offer. I then clicked on a page I thought was sponsored by AARP. I put in my phone number and Email address and clicked on a link, I thought, to get more info. Before the new page completely opened the phone rang. The caller ID said "Bank of America". so I picked up the phone. A very polite and professional sounding lady took more info from me, including how much I could afford for to pay. She put me on hold and said she was going to find the best coverage for me. She came back on the line saying good news, she found a provider, put me on hold again and transferred me. The new lady sounded exactly like the previous lady. I started asking questions about who I was dealing with. My questions were skillfully avoided for the most part.
I was quoted, $305.96 a month w/ a $155.00 enrollment fee. No deductible or co-pay.
I finally got a name. "Principle Advantage".
I googled it and found your post.
Thank you so much.

Shannon Green said...

@Steve AZ I am so very happy to hear that you were able to dodge that bullet!!

MKC said...

Hello,I get caught up in this also. The enail address where you can cancel is: They will not answer the phone, and if they do they hang up. What a great job that person has.

Unknown said...

Good Morning, Was you able to find an affordable Health insurance? Yes I too have been through many scams that wanted money. I live also on the East Houston aera. Thank you.

Richard Greene said...

UnknownMay 16, 2016 at 8:46 AM
Good Morning, Was you able to find an affordable Health insurance? Yes I too have been through many scams that wanted money. I live also on the East Houston aera. Thank you.

dmp3958 said...

Thank you so much!! I just stumbled upon this blog post while trying to research this company, which now goes by the name of "Simple Health", yet it is the exact company. Everything you wrote about was exactly as I have just been experiencing by this and many other companies that state they are selling "affordable insurance". Thank you for saving many of us from this dreaded job of purchasing health insurance. I am so grateful to you!!

dmp3958 said...

I forgot to add that, thankfully, I did not sign up. Yes too good to be true.

Grunkle Mike said...

Thank you Shannon Green! This "Brer Fox" will be avoiding that "tar baby". I have a much better idea now, and plan to deal with someone I've actually met.

Grunkle Mike said...

Thank you Shannon Green! This "Brer Fox" will be avoiding that "tar baby". I have a much better idea now, and plan to deal with someone I've actually met.

Connie G said...

Thank you for your great explanation. I cancelled this week before I found your posted warnings. They say they are mailing me a refund since I canceled the debit card I ordered their plan from. I too googled their company info once they sent me sign up emails after my initial purchase. As soon as I saw their BBB "F" rating, I went straight to the bank and cancelled my debit card. I then came home and started the nightmare of getting placed on hold several times until I finally got the agent promising me a refund. I have since received proper emails concerning cancellation of their services.I am holding my breath it will actually come in the mail. Thanks for the warning you have given to others.

Tanya Deloach said...

I would have give anything to have done more research and found your blog two days ago, I fell for the same scam word for word as too what happened, was also told it took affect at midnight that night and all our Dr visits and prescriptions were covered because they were a ppo plan as well,so my husband went to the Dr yesterday they have never heard of this company and they got them on the phone and couldn't get any straight information, so today I have been on the phone arguing with them all morning and as far as getting my husband's prescriptions filled we have to use there pharmacy and they email us a voucher to get them filled at there discount which isn't much of a discount, so needless to say I too will be canceling and TRYING to get my money back as it was $396.00 that I didn't have to speND to begin with but needed medical insurance asap, my question to you is did you get your enrollment fee back as well ? Thank you for the information

Jenny Schneider said...

Just realized I was scammed 2 hours ago. After they sent me their website info, i started to get many red flags. Their website would not load and some important links would disappear.
Started looking for more info and found your blog. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to write this. said...

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Unknown said...

Good thing I did a web search while on the phone with the agent before purchasing this plan and found your post. Saved me from the scam. So a big thank you for writing this post!

Looks like the government is trying to protect people from such scams at least in some states. The fine print forms I received had a statement that this policy (multiplan, ...) cannot be issued in DC, Maine, Maryland, West Virginia, New York and Nevada unless the person already has other health insurance.

ian nuwan said...

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