Friday, August 13, 2010

That's How We Roll

What day is this?  Day 5?  Day 43?  I think the fun is starting to wear off of the Green Family Arkansas Vacation.  We're starting to get a little cranky and on each others nerves and frankly, I'm surprised we've lasted this long.

But...all is not lost.  I knew it was only a matter of time before we turned on each other but experience has shown there is a cure for this.  All we need is some outside force to come along and either try to fix things for us or start picking on one of us.  If either of those things happen, we will band together like a pack of rabid hyenas and tear the outsider limb from limb.  The bonding process caused by the unwelcome outside force will cause us to completely forget about whatever little petty differences we had and we will be rebonded for a few more days.  Or at least long enough to get us home where we can each have control of our own TV.

The plan for today is to do as many of the touristy things in Eureka Springs as we can.  If the past week has been any indication, we will accomplish exactly 2 of those things.  But this is not a bad thing since most of the fun happens between the activities and is not the actual activity itself.  The road signs alone have been well worth the trip.  These are the choices we will have to narrow down:

The old Wal Mart store in Bentonville.
Terra Studios in Durham
In Eureka Springs:
     Art Colony
     Frog Fantasies
     Quigley's Castle
     St. Elizabeth's Church
     Thorncrown Chapel
     Turpentine Creek
     5 more caverns

I have a feeling that anything with "art" or "studio" in it will get voted down but that's when I'll fire the ammo I accumulated at the prison exhibit in Little Rock.  If I had to learn all about the Tucker Telephone (and believe me, I could have lived my whole life without knowing that), then by gosh this family can surely suffer through a little glass blowing.  I may have to call in outside reinforcements and have some stranger start telling Jayson & Taylor how stupid I am for wanting to see some art studios.  But my luck, that plan will backfire and I will be ditched for the art-hating replacement.  Better not risk it.

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Mayn said...

I too am surprised yall have lasted this long! The fact that one of you hasn't hitchiked home is a huge accomplishment! Are you sure you are all still together? Maybe you should post some pictures of the three of you so we will know you really are all together!