Friday, October 29, 2010

Your chicken strips are showing

I learned a new phrase this morning thanks to Case at Great Job All Week (I mean it).

I stalk his blog on occasion and read whatever posts might interest me.  This particular one was about motorcycles, which do not interest me, but for some reason I read it anyway.

I'll summarize his post so you won't have to read it unless you just want to:  blah blah blah blah chicken strips.

I know, it caught my eye too.  I couldn't figure out what in the heck chicken strips had to do with motorcycles so naturally I Googled it.  Fortunately, I was not traumatized by what I found.

You can read about chicken strips at  I even borrowed this lovely photo from Timberwoof's motorcycle page.

So now you know.  Chicken strips are the lack of wear marks on a motorcycle tire due to not leaning very far into your turns.  If your tires show no chicken strips then your kneecaps probably show no flesh as well, but you will be considered more manly by your crotch rocket riding friends.

I can't let a perfectly good brand-new-to-me phrase go to waste, so I've come up with some ways that I can work it into my everyday conversations.

     Me: There's that snooty Martha with her fancy new minivan.

     Nameless Friend: Omigosh, look, it still has chicken strips!!!

     Both of us laughing hysterically: What a LEUSER!!

Me:  Uh, excuse me...EXCUSE ME!  Did you not read the sign???  You can't use the express lane if your grocery cart still has chicken strips.  Sorry, I don't make the rules.

     Jayson: It's too hot out here to mow.

     Me: (sipping tea from my lounge chair) It's okay honey, I'll cheer you on.

     Jayson:  No really, I think I'm having a stroke.

     Me: (fanning myself with my magazine) You can do it, baby, grind the chicken strips off that mower!

Nameless Friend: Ohhhh, look at the sweet baby over there.

Me: Must be a new mother, her stroller still has chicken strips.

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