Tuesday, December 07, 2010

You know you're from Lafayette if...

My husband sent this to me and I thought it was pretty entertaining.  You probably have to be a Cajun to get it.

You know you're from Lafayette if...

You don't think it's unusual to take 50 years to plan and build a bridge.

You or someone in your family has a camp at Cypremort Point, Butte Larose or Toledo Bend.

You hope you have a long wait before being seated for dinner at La Fonda.

You remember you went to eat at La Fonda last night, but that's all you remember.

You spread out your beach towel on the Destin sand and look around to see your neighbors on both sides of you.

You regard any food labeled as "Cajun" outside of Acadiana with automatic suspicion.

You enter a debate on whether Pizza Village or Deano's serves the best pizza. Despite your better judgment, you still order the Cajun Executioner.

You think Holly Beach is a real beach.

You can identify people not from here by the way they pronounce "Lafayette".

You still crave hamburgers from Burger Tyme and Mr. Cook.

You leave your home near Kaliste Saloom Road at 8 a.m. and hit I -10 at 10:50 a.m.

You know how to spell and pronounce Kaliste Saloom, Feu Follet, Atchafalaya , Authement, Caillier, Verot, Breaux, DeRouen and Hebert.

While having lunch with friends, the main topic of conversation is what everyone ate for dinner last night and what they will be eating for dinner tonight.

At least three of your friends have nicknames and a funny story to explain why.

You respect a man who can two-step and cook a gumbo.

You think "ayeee" is French for: 1) hey y'all, watch this! 2) food ... hot! hot! 3) Roddy Romero is on stage.

You ever entered a casino and asked for directions to the Bourré table.

You call every brand of hot sauce Tabasco.

You think Catholic churches work like Blockbuster; there's one for every 10-minute drive.

You remember that the Randol's dancing show came on after Soul Train on KADN.

You put your potato salad in your gumbo and think everyone around the world has a crawfish boil on Good Friday.

You are disappointed by the scarcity of beautiful women when visiting other parts of the country.

You know The Basin is more than just a sink.

You use the turning lane on Johnston Street as your own personal express lane.

When it comes to Judice Inn, you order a fried egg on your hamburger; you know that on Saturdays you can't order the fried egg; and you know not to ever ask for french fries.

Your idea of eating healthy is to skip the round steak but not the rice and gravy.

Your idea of working late on Friday means that you actually return to the office after lunch.

Your idea of adding onto your house is to wall-in your carport.

You feel sorry for people who live in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles .

You think anyone from north of Ville Platte or I-10 is a Yankee.

You can't imagine a kitchen without a rice cooker.

Sacrificing during Lent means eating a huge seafood platter or 10 pounds of crawfish on Fridays.

You say French words that you aren't really sure are actual French words.

You end sentences with "yeah."

You think people from other places talk funny.

You know the days of the week by what plate lunch you are eating.

You remember family vacations to AstroWorld.

You've ever driven down a street that dead ends then re-appears somewhere else. 

You see nothing wrong with stuffing a pork chop with pork stuffing.

You know that when you order rice and gravy you actually get some meat with it.

You know you can go on a beer run without ever getting out of the car.

You eat boudin and eggs for breakfast.

When introduced to someone your first question is, "Who's your daddy?"

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