Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A little more Goo Gone love.

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote this post about being a Goo Gone GooRu? I had just received my box of fabulous Goo Gone swag and I shared my thoughts about each item in the box. Of course the whole post was sort of tongue-in-cheek but hopefully it was clear that I was excited about the goodies and overall I was very pleased.

Really the only negative things I said, again more tongue-in-cheek than actual criticism, had to do with the letter being a typed form letter instead of handwritten and the product they sent was sample sized instead of full sized. The truth is if I was Mrs. Goo Gone and I was sending free stuff to a total stranger who might end up doing me absolutely no good whatsoever, they'd be darn lucky to even get a sample size and I probably wouldn't waste paper on a letter of any kind. But that's just me.

Today Fed Ex brought me an unexpected package which I fantasized was a bomb for about 3 minutes before opening it. If I'm not expecting a package and I don't recognize the return address my mind automatically goes to mail bomb. Doesn't everyone's? I decided that satisfying my curiosity was worth getting my arms blown off so I opened the box and here is what I found:

That's right. A HANDWRITTEN letter and a FULL SIZE bottle of the Goo Gone spray gel which is my favorite variety of Goo Gone. How awesome is that?! Well, now it's awesome but at first I was mortified. The letter talks about how they noticed I was a little disappointed with my small bottle of product so they sent me a full size one. My first thought was, "Oh holy crap, they actually read my blog??!!??" I did a quick mental scan for anything negative I might have said about them in the past that could come back to haunt me. Then I remembered it was Tarn-X that I made fun of so it's all good. I don't imagine I'll be hearing from the Tarn-X people until they invent a 'Sunshine Fresh' scent, which will be about the same time Satan moves into an igloo.

Once again, Goo Gone impressed me. Of course we all know they have a great product but I wasn't expecting them to be the kind of company that not only listens to their consumers (who sometimes whine and complain for no good reason...ahem) but responds to them as well. That's so rare these days.

So what have I used my Goo Gone on lately? Don't laugh. I cleaned my crayons with it. No, I didn't clean crayon marks off the wall, I cleaned my actual crayons. They were dirty, what was I supposed to do?!

A few weeks ago I made this lovely piece of art by melting some broken crayons onto a canvas. You can read about that here. I used crayons that I already had on hand which had already been liberated from their wrappers and stored in ziploc baggies according to color family. Before I separated them by color family they were just tossed into a shoe box together where they spent years rubbing up against each other. I swear the blue crayons seek out the yellow ones just so they can leave little bits of blue all over the yellow.

That might not seem like a big issue to you but if you're using the crayons in a project where you need pure color, those little specks of blue can really mess things up. I dabbed a small amount of Goo Gone onto a paper towel and used that to gently wipe away all traces of unwanted color from my crayons. My white crayons were particularly appreciative.

I've decided I'll let everyone else use their Goo Gone to remove stickers, candle wax, crayon marks and the usual stuff like that while I use mine for the more unconventional destickifying tasks.

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Shannon it's never a dull moment with you!