Thursday, February 02, 2012

Almost any girl will take a baked ham...

Yesterday I went to the little antique store up the road from me and picked up a few things I couldn't live without including several vintage postcards. Apparently I was in a flowery/Valentine mood because these are the ones I chose:
Embossed postcard circa 1910
Back of 1910 postcard. Love that address.
Embossed postcard printed in Germany.
Embossed postcard with gold detail printed in Saxony.
Embossed postcard printed in Germany. It actually has a metallic gold moire finish.
Embossed postcard.

This last one is my favorite. Check out the tart with her sugar daddy.
Linen finish postcard from 1945.
Back of Baked Ham postcard.

As awesome as the front of that card is, the message on the back is even better. It's hard to read so I'll translate as best I can:

Dear Bud & all,
Had a wonderful time only too short. Thanks for everything.
Will talk to Mr. Smith tomorrow & more than likely find out something I hope.

Worked from 5:30 until 5:45 this p.m. & am I tired.

Spent the night with Bob & [Trish?] last night. Will write more later.

Love, Irene

Bless her heart. Irene worked 15 minutes last night and wore herself out. She and I could have been best friends, I just know it.

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