Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Nothing says love like meat on a stick.

Last weekend our good friends Chad and Jamie Thibodeaux and their kids from Lafayette came for a visit. We had a great time as usual and we saw some fun stuff.

Thursday afternoon while waiting for everyone to arrive I decided to put our DVDs into their new space saving storage system. We don't have a lot of them but the ones we do have were shoved into a bulky plastic storage box.
I bought some DiscSox sleeves and was able to get 44 DVDs (some of them have 2 discs) into this cute little container that I crocheted. Now all I have to do is make dividers for it then buy some more sleeves for all the Wii games. You can buy the official DiscSox holders and dividers but the sleeves are nearly $1 each so I opted to buy those and make everything else myself.

When everyone got here we went to Willie's Grill & Icehouse for dinner. They have a tasty chicken fried steak that's about the size of a frisbee.

Friday morning we headed for the Museum of Health and Medical Science. It wasn't as awesome as the Children's Museum but it was still a lot of fun and I would recommend it.

In the main hall of the museum they have lots of stations set up with brain teaser puzzles on them. I could have spent all day just trying to figure those out. We got a few of them but most kicked our butts. I was really impressed with one that Chad figured out where you were given about a dozen oversized nails. You had to stick one nail in a hole in the table then balance the rest of the nails on the head of that one nail. He actually did it. I spent 30 minutes trying to make the letter "T" out of 4 oddly shaped blocks and never could figure it out.

Colin getting x-rayed.

Emily studying her cells.

Jamie playing with livers.

Emily & Chad playing Mindball.

Jayson visiting a brain.

2 sets of actual functioning pig lungs. The lungs on the right are what they look like after smoking for 1 year. We couldn't figure out how they taught that pig to smoke.

After learning all about our bodies and what happens when pigs smoke, we decided to track down Bernie's Burger Bus. This guy converted an old school bus into a roach coach that serves up the most amazing hamburgers on the planet. We have chased that silly bus all over Houston and finally caught up with it at Inversion Coffee House, conveniently located on Montrose right next to Texas Art Supply.

Pricey but worth it.

Truffle laced hand cut fries with parmesan and green onions, served with homemade ketchup.

Once our tummies were full and satisfied we cruised by the Art Car Museum. If you're craving something funky, you can find it there.

This car is covered in mosaics made from broken pottery, porcelain, ceramic and other glass pieces.

I can't remember exactly how many thousands of pounds the car weighs but it was several.

This is usually what I think of when I think about art cars.

I guess I would put it on my art car too if I had an extra water buffalo head lying around.

Me and Jamie decided we loved this car and would proudly drive it to Wal-Mart every day. My phone camera just couldn't pick up the incredible sparkliness going on.

Even the engine is pretty.

This is the hydraulic stuff in the trunk.

The interior is to die for. How Austin Powers is that?! The only way it could be better would be to add some of my turquoise pompom trim.

Friday night we made one of several trips to Connie's Frozen Custard which is (in)conveniently located just a couple of blocks from my house. We can do this guilt-free since we learned the custard is gluten free. It's practically health food.

Friday night I put some steel cut oats in the crock pot along with coconut milk, banana slices, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Saturday morning we had some rockin' oatmeal for breakfast. I used this recipe and doubled it but left out the weird stuff. Flax seed? I don't freakin' think so.

After breakfast we headed up to Conroe to help Jamie's sister move into her new apartment. On the third floor. On the upside, it's a one bedroom apartment and she had everything neatly packed in the U-Haul. On the downside, it's a THIRD FLOOR APARTMENT.

Jayson & Chad trying to will the mattress to walk upstairs on its own.

It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I would get off my couch more often but since I'm not used to doing strenuous things such as walking, it pretty much did me in. I still have jelly legs. However, it was totally worth it cuz we got to know Jamie's sister better and her new apartment is just adorable.

We had a late lunch at Chofa's Bar and Grill in Conroe. If you're ever in Conroe take my advice and eat anywhere but there. The food wasn't bad, in fact the burgers were delicious. The atmosphere is nice but confusing. It's a sports bar type place but the decor is contemporary Asian...lots of dark wood and leather sofas. The problem is that the staff are idiots. We got there around 3 and ordered some of our meals off the lunch menu which had reduced prices from 11-4, and some meals were from the regular dinner menu. When we got the check we were charged full price for some of the lunch menu items since the order was placed at 3:56. The last time I checked, 3:56 was still before 4:00 but Chofa's doesn't see it that way.

Happy at Chofa's because we hadn't yet been ripped off.

Sunday we decided to trek on up to Old Town Spring.  I hadn't been there in over 10 years and was surprised to see how much it had grown. It was the last day of the Texas Crawfish festival so it was extremely crowded and we had to try really hard to keep from laughing at the overpriced and teeny tiny little things they were calling crawfish. Bless their hearts. No self respecting Cajun would ever eat those.

We met up with Jamie's sister and Chad's cousin and walked around until we were tired of looking at stores that were pretty much all identical on the inside. There were a few that stood out but for the most part it was like Chinatown for white people.

Here are some sights from the day:

$15.99 for dollar store jars glued to dollar store candlesticks.

$34 for dried paint on a wooden palette.

When I am old I will wear purple. And I will drive a Ducati.

A cake ball bakery that donated $1 to breast cancer research every time you bought one of their boob balls, which looked like a ...boob.

Chad spent a good 45 minutes at the cake ball place trying to solve yet another puzzle. This was fine with me since it gave me time to savor my pineapple upside down cake ball which was the best tasting ball I'd had in my mouth all day.

No Green/Thibodeaux outing would be complete without meat on a stick. Here we see Chad and Jayson with dueling corndogs.

Is it weird that I have an entire album of Chad feeding Jamie some kind of meat on a stick? I didn't' think so either. At least this time there wasn't a traumatized child in the background.

Old Town Spring 2012
Traders Village 2011

After the Old Town Spring festivities we all went back to the house where we ate tacos, made yet another trip to Connie's and visited and laughed until the wee hours of like almost midnight. If you want to make any of us crumble into a fit of hysterical laughter just say "I will dance for you" with a Columbian accent.

Jamie's sister spent the night Sunday night and we all went to IKEA on Monday morning followed by lunch at Five Guys Burgers.

We had a great weekend with old friends, made some new friends and are already looking forward to the next time we can all get together. I don't know exactly when that will be or what we will do but rest assured there WILL be meat on a stick.

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