Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

I am frustrated beyond belief!  When we first got the Houston House Jayson accidentally locked himself out one night and the property management company had to call a locksmith to let him in.  It was the first time he'd locked the garage door when he left, only to discover that the key they had given him didn't work in that lock.  It's just one of those little door knob locks like you'd see on a bedroom door.

Anyway, the locksmith came out and let him in and the property management company set up a time for the locksmith to rekey the whole house...which they did and it was all peachy.

Or it was until yesterday when we got a bill from the property management company wanting us to pay the $97 lock out charge from the locksmith.

The first time I went to the property management company to sign the lease, Jayson apologized to them in advance for whatever I was about to say.  I had a list of things they needed to take care of and I intended to politely share my list, that's all.  I'm never mean to anyone unless they're mean to me first.

The leasing gal was really nice and I very sweetly gave her my list and we chatted and we laughed and everything was fine.  Jayson told her that she got off easy this time and was spared the Wrath of Shannon.  Whatever.  I'm actually very non-confrontational and easy to get along with but when the time comes to stand up and be outspoken, I can do that too. 

Evidently my husband thinks that at those times I'm a bitch on wheels.  Okay fine, at times I probably am.  But those times are few and far between.  He even seems a little embarrassed by this since he warned the gal in advance that things could get ugly. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks to yesterday when we get this bill to pay the locksmith to come out and open the door for which the leasing company FAILED to give us keys. 

Now what does Jayson say?  "We shouldn't have to pay this since it wasn't our fault I got locked out.  Uh, honey...will you call the property management place and take care of this?"

Oh sure.  Now he's glad that I'm not afraid to suit up, show up, and get the job done while he sits in the corner like Gumby, all spineless so that everyone will love him.  Geez Louise.

Actually, none of that is the frustrating part.  We've been married for 147 years so I know that we each have different strengths and weaknesses, it really doesn't bother me.  What bothers me is stupid people.  I really hate to call anyone stupid since I sometimes have more than my share of random stupidity.  The difference is...I'm teachable.  Show me why I'm stupid so that I can learn from my mistake and hopefully not do it again.

I called the property management company and explained to them that the key we were given did not work in all the locks and we didn't realize this until Jayson got locked out.  Since this was not our mistake, I didn't feel like we should have to pay the bill for it.

The property management gal...let's call her Dense Debbie...said that Jayson had locked the keyless deadbolt (or inside deadbolt) on the garage door and that's why he couldn't get back in.  If he had not locked the keyless deadbolt he would have been able to get in, therefore it was our fault.

All of the doors in the house have an inside deadbolt, which the leasing gal kept calling a keyless deadbolt...the kind where you lock it from the inside but you can't unlock it (or lock it) from the outside.  The lock doesn't show on the outside of the door so no one even knows it's there.  The doors also have regular dead bolts where you can lock and unlock them from either inside or outside the house.

Dense Debbie insisted that the keyless deadbolt was locked on the garage door and that's why Jayson couldn't get in.  Our conversation went something like this:

DD: If he hadn't locked the keyless deadbolt, he would have been able to get back in.

Me: He didn't lock the keyless deadbolt.  The key didn't work in the knob which he didn't know until that night.

DD: Then how had he been getting in and out of the house?

Me: Through the front door.  This was the first time he'd used the garage door.

DD: Then he should have gone back in the front door.

Me: He couldn't.  He locked the keyless deadbolt before he left then went out the garage door.

DD: Then he shouldn't have locked the keyless deadbolt on the garage door before he left.

Me: He didn't.  He locked the keyless deadbolt on the front and back doors, not the garage door.  That's the door he left through and it's not possible to lock a keyless deadbolt from the outside.

DD: No, he locked it before he left the house.

Me: It's not possible to turn a deadbolt before you leave the house!  It will hit the door jamb and you won't be able to shut the door. 

DD: Hang on, let me check my notes. ... The locksmith said the keyless deadbolt was not locked on the front door so he should have been able to get in that door.

Me: The keyless deadbolt WAS locked on the front door, that's why he couldn't get in.  The locksmith let him in the garage door.  That's the one where the deadbolt was not locked and the one his key didn't work in.

DD: Hang on, let me check on this. ... I'll have to look into this further, can I call you back?

Me: Sure.

Never heard back from her.  Not sending a check.

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