Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's good to be a vomit person.

Yesterday when I was talking about my going away party at work I forgot to mention the best part!  My vomit card!  And this is no cheesy card either.  It was printed on the finest 18 pound see-through bond with absolutely no cotton content whatsoever and I am sure those are the sturdiest steel off-brand staples that money can buy. 

But what I'm most impressed with is the artwork.  Someone searched long and hard for a picture of realistic vomit, complete with corn.  Although I think all vomit has corn in it whether you've recently eaten corn or not.  It's one of those mysteries of the universe.

Joel, our worship arts leader, was responsible for this card and he even told me that he went to Spencer's in the mall to look for some fake vomit.  Evidently he hadn't been in there in a while and didn't realize that even if they did have fake vomit it would be wearing a lacy thong.

There is a good reason for the vomit card.  A bunch of church members and staff attended the Global Leadership Summit this past August, just shortly after I had announced I would be leaving.  Bill Hybels offered up this little tidbit regarding resigning staff members:

If you got notice that a staff member is resigning, you’ve got one of three reactions:
  1. Whew! Whoo hoo!
  2. Ugh! Rehiring is hard work and who wants to go through that?
  3. Complete and utter despair; I want to vomit. They are, by all human means, irreplaceable.
If this person resigned, what would you reaction be? You want all “vomit” people on your team.

I was told that I am a vomit person and for this I feel greatly honored.

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