Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Big Clean Sweep Finale

I'm done. My garage is clean. Or clean enough anyway. Instead of rambling about it I'll just let the pictures do the talking. There's a lot of them so they might take a while to load. For a refresher on how bad it was, you can refer to these pictures.
View to the left.
View to the right.
The back wall. That big cardboard box is full of packing peanuts that I need to use.
See that cabinet on the wall? See how that left door is right under the garage door? That's how I broke the garage door. It wasn't my fault. Whoever hung that cabinet is clearly to blame.
There were already some nails and hooks in the wall so I just used what was there.
We bought our house from the architect who designed and built it. He left behind this little cubby thing that was in a closet where he kept some of his designs. It weighs a ton and half so we moved it to the garage and use it as a tool holder.
More of those cheesy wire shelves that I love so much. They're perfect for corralling all the work boots that tend to get kicked off at the door.
This is the sporting goods closet.
That stuff in the corner isn't sporting goods but it fits there nicely.
The top shelf is paint that goes with the house.
Another unused peg board. We obviously have some kind of peg board issues.
Hunting and fishing gear.
The bottom 2 boxes are full of ammo.
I love shelves.
Everything has been sorted and neatly labeled.
I may need a bigger box for extension cords. It's already crammed full.
This corner used to be full of scrap wood.
This makes me happy.
I labeled the shelves so that when I'm unpacking after we move it will be easier to remember where everything goes.
I didn't buy any kind of containers or organizing supplies during this whole Clean Sweep. I just used what I had on hand so there are a lot of random, mismatched containers.
Yes, that's 2 shelves for bug killers: little bug killers and big bug killers. Big and little don't refer to the size of the bug but rather the amount of stress that particular bug causes me.

That's John. John Deere. He's not dead, he's just resting.
All the drawers in the work benches are labeled. There are empty tool boxes on the shelf below the drawers. I couldn't part with them because they're containers. You never know when you'll need to contain something.
Misc. Hand Tools means stuff I couldn't identify.
I did a lot of rearranging during this process but this works for now anyway.
I know. You wish I was your wife.
Yes, those are my own personal drill bits.
That cabinet behind the step ladders is a little slice of awesome but you'll have to wait till we move into the new house to see what that's all about.
I'm amazed at how perfectly everything fit just where I needed it.
This is the second work bench.
I left the pegboard almost empty so that Jayson would have something to do.
The drill is on the left, it's not in a box because it's something we use pretty regularly.
There's a very good reason that I used gold labels for the garage...
...the reason is because I ran out of white.
We need one of those organizer things with the tons of little drawers for all these screws and nails. Until then, this will have to do.
I'm not happy with these 2 drawers but it was the best I could do with what I had on hand.
More stuff hung from hooks that were already there.
These trunks have childhood memorabilia in them. Sorting through that stuff will be a project for after we move.

I ran out of big plastic bins and had to use cardboard boxes, which I hate.
Just to recap. Before.
And now I must nap.


Linda Israel said...

Well It only took 5 days. not bad at all Shannon. I'm impressed that you labeled everything! Yes I wish you were my wife. LOL.. One day I will be as organized as you! lol.. well maybe.. It will be really nice when you move into the new house as everything will have a place when you unpack.. enjoy the order. :)

Jana Broussard said...

This is why i am so sad we are losing you! I mean, who else but you cAn entertain me with their organization skills?? ;-) helluva job I must say!!

SkylersDad said...

I label all of my stuff also. Unfortunately, all the labels say "Misc Junk".

Cara said...

Okay, so the question is: when will be able to come and help me organize my garage?

Haha, I just avoid it because I HATE it in there!!

Yours looks great!


Leanne said...

It looks amazing I need to clean my garage out so bad. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.