Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chicken Hair

My new best friend.
The Big Clean Sweep of 2011 has morphed into The Big Move 2011, or Our Journey Back to The Promised Land.

I'm too tired to do more than post a few pictures. All I've done all day is sit on the couch and doodle in my sketchbook so I'm not exhausted from effort. But the moving guys were here promptly at 8 a.m. this morning and I didn't get to bed last night as early as I had planned.

Our friend and realtor, Jamie Knight, got the sign up on the house before Jayson went back to Houston last weekend but it won't officially be on the market for another day or two. That's okay. Jamie has plenty of time to get the house sold since the deadline we gave him isn't until June 1.

Our moving guys packed themselves silly all day long today and still have some things to finish up tomorrow. Then they'll load the truck and head for Houston. This is the second time we've had a moving company pack up our stuff for us and it has proven to be very entertaining both times. The guys we have this time are all very nice and friendly. And chatty. Which those of you who know me well know that chatty isn't my favorite thing. Unless I'm doing the chatting. Then it's perfectly fine.

The last time we had a moving company pack us, the best thing about it was the way they labeled some of the boxes. Taylor had some peacock feathers in her room that the movers carefully rolled in padded paper, taped within an inch of its life and labeled it "chicken hair". I held on to that wrapping for years cuz chicken hair just makes me laugh. So far I haven't run into any labels of that caliber but here are a few that are worth mentioning:
I don't know what a gulf ball is but apparently we have a glass case for it.
This is just a careless misspelling. It should be nicK nacks.
This is not really a misspelling, just an unusual way of writing. We all know what it says but it looks like pots/paws. And there's even another box of just paws.
This one is my favorite so far. Yes, we Greens have silver bowels.

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