Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tip #8: Don't be Trashy

On some of the blogs I read, the bloggers will frequently get "featured" on another blog and will blog their excitement all over their own blog about being featured somewhere else. Since I'm not a "real" blogger I don't really understand all that but I think I almost know what it feels like now.

Earlier this week I got an email from a blogger asking for permission to use a picture from my blog in one of her posts. She very kindly put a link back to my blog so of course I didn't mind at all if she used it and it was nice of her to ask.

She has a lifestyle blog called Everyday Polish which is just lovely and is pretty much the polar opposite of my blog. I browsed through a few of her posts which seem to offer tips and advice on how to "polish" or add style to your everyday life. I picture her delicately dropping sugar cubes into long, slender crystal champagne glasses at cocktail parties while I'm hunched over a hand mirror with a flashlight and pair of tweezers, trying to pluck a chin hair whose root goes all the way to my brain.

Yeah, we're at slightly different places in our lives but that's okay. I was pleased to see that the picture she chose to use in her blog post was from my Everyone Should Have a Grenade Cozy post from last summer. It's the one where I dumped the contents of my purse onto my couch and took a picture of it.

Her blog post (I hate to keep calling her "her" but I don't know her name) entitled EP Travels: 10 Things to Consider BEFORE You Get On That Flight gives a list of helpful dos and don'ts to consider before your next flight. The photograph of my purse puke is used to illustrate her tip #8: Don't be Trashy. Basically she says to keep a small Ziploc in your bag to hold the trash that would otherwise get shoved to the bottom and start piling up on you. Sage advice. Not advice that I'm capable of following but sage nonetheless.

So if you leave my blog feeling like you need a shower, pop on over to Everyday Polish for a mental palate cleanse. I'm not technically being "featured" on her blog but by gosh my picture is on there as an example of what not to do and I am darn proud of that!

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shamayn said...

She must be so polished that she doesn't have enough trash to take a picture of for her blog. She borrowed your trash from your purse?! I picture this woman very rigid, controlling, and unhappy. So embrace your purse trash and dance in the street.