Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pedicure's Impending Death Thwarted by Citrus Scented Savior

Yesterday I dripped paint on my toenail polish and didn't realize it until the paint had dried. Before mourning the loss of my less than 48 hour old pedicure I decided to see what a little Goo Gone might do for it.

I have other solvents made for removing dried paint but they would also remove my nail polish and that's a sacrifice I was not willing to make. I dabbed a little Goo Gone (standard variety, there are several ya know) onto a paper towel and rubbed it lightly across my toenail just to make sure it wouldn't take the polish off.  I continued to rub a little more and noticed that the paint blob was becoming tacky, like it was trying to dissolve.

I promise it's paint. It just happens to look like pigeon poo.
A got a little bolder and squirted Goo Gone over my whole toenail and let it sit for maybe a minute. As the paint blob became more gooey I was able to remove it with a little picking and a little rubbing.

Disaster averted! The paint blob is gone and there is no damage whatsoever to my lovely pedicure which didn't cost me anything because I did it myself but still... Me and my toes aren't close like we used to be, mainly because they're not as easy for me to reach anymore so it's important that I get as much mileage as possible out of each rare pedicure. While I was at it, I also used Goo Gone to clean my fancy Dollar Store flip flops so now they look like they have new life breathed into them!

You can get in on the fabulousness that is Goo Gone by visiting their Facebook page. You may have noticed the GooRu badge on my sidebar which designates me as someone who has an unhealthy fascination with this citrus scented degunking wonder. I'm not paid by Goo Gone to tout their product but I wouldn't be opposed to accepting some coupons from them. Or a t-shirt. Or a lifetime supply of the spray gel which is the best sticker remover e.v.e.r.


SkylersDad said...

I am picturing you in the Palmolive dishwashing soap commercial with Madge, only you are soaking your toes in Goo Gone!

Shannon Green said...

You're soaking in it!

We shouldn't talk about Madge, people might think we're old.