Monday, January 30, 2012

Dangling Doggie Eyeballs

It normally takes me a while to get fully alert in the mornings, but today my sister snapped me into instant alertness. Here is our phone conversation:

ME: Helllooo? (all slurred and groggy)

MAYN: Okay, I am trying to remain calm.

Shamayn had just opened her Etsy shop to sell these adorable pincushions she makes so my first thought was that she had sold all of them in 10 minutes and I was so excited for her. Then she said:

MAYN: I'm on my way to the vet with Sissy. She pissed off Dutch and he went after her and now she has one eyeball hanging out.

Sissy is a 4 pound tiny teacup toy miniature Chihuahua and Dutch is a freakishly large 100 pound Labrador. I can't believe he hasn't swallowed Sissy whole before now.

ME: Oh my gosh how awful!

MAYN: I know. It was all I could do to get her into the kennel. I tried to tell myself that I see dangling eyeballs all the time so it's no big deal but it is! It's hanging out of the socket!

ME: Is she messing with it?

MAYN: No, she's just curled up in a ball shivering.

ME: Oh, she's probably in shock.

MAYN: That makes two of us! I'm going to tell the vet that she might need a little something to calm her nerves and she prefers Klonopin...1mg twice a day, just to take the edge off.

ME: Let me know what he says.

A few minutes later Mayn called back and said the vet thought he might actually be able to save the eye. He took Sissy into surgery so he can pop the eye back in then sew the lid shut to let it heal for a while.

Chihuahuas are already so bug-eyed, I'm surprised she hasn't popped one out before now. Most dogs might learn their lesson and would leave the big dog alone from now on but not Sissy. I'm sure as soon as she's back on her feet she will be picking on Dutch again and next time she might lose more than an eyeball.

Now that I'm unusually alert you might think I would be extra productive and get a head start on my day. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. I'm just hyper aware that I really want to go back to bed.

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SkylersDad said...

What a terrible thing to have to go through!