Saturday, May 15, 2010

For us girls only

My sister and I love shopping at second hand stores, flea markets, Goodwill, garage sales, etc. She showed up at my house with a box full of clothes that she bought for me at the Goodwill back home. They had a $.99 buy-one-get-one-free sale so she was able to get a ton of stuff!

Now, I'm not saying that Texas Goodwills are better than Louisiana Goodwills...but...Texas Goodwills are better than Louisiana Goodwills. I miss being able to plunk down $5.00 and walk out with a bag full of clothes. $5.00 at a Goodwill here will get you a tshirt. With armpit stains. I really even hate to admit this because complaining about how overpriced Goodwill is makes me feel like I might as well complain about those uppity snobs who live in that trailer park off the interstate. Yeah, I'm just jealous of them.

So I tried on all the things she brought and they fit perfectly. I wear a size 6 but an 8 feels so good that I buy a size 10 (Steel Magnolias). She also threw in a few hand-me-downs which I am certainly not opposed to. As much as I love second hand shopping, I draw the line at undergarments. The thought of wearing someone else's drawers is just creepy. This does not apply to my sister's drawers.

So...Shamayn gave me a few pairs of undies that she either never wore, or she wore once for 10 minutes. That's her story and I believe her. They are very cute undies, a little more...frilly...than what I buy which typically comes in a 10-pack and hangs next to the gum in the checkout line.

There are a couple of pairs that fall in the category can I say this delicately...butt floss. We have determined that this type of undergarment is not practical for real sized women because it gets lost under the excess rolls of flesh and it completely disappears. Waste-o-time. As I was going through the undie stash, I came across something that apparently got placed there by mistake. It appears to be an eye patch.

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