Saturday, May 15, 2010

When Pigs Fly

My sister and I went on another little outing today. We spent several hours browsing through all the little pretties at When Pigs Fly off Johnston. I used to go there all the time when they were in Scott but I thought they closed, didn't realize they had just relocated. Der.

Like any good indoor flea market/antique store, the place is huge with lots of little rooms off big rooms and more littler rooms off those. After the first hour, it was clear we should have packed a lunch and brought a compass with us. Their prices and the selection of stuff was better than the places we visited was hot. Dang hot. It's a big warehouse type place that doesn't have air conditioning but they do have lots of big fans set up to circulate the scalding hot air.

Their furniture was reasonably priced and they have lots of 50s era formica dining table sets that I just love. I also love those metal clam shell motel chairs that everybody's grandmother used to have on their patio. I have fond memories of going to visit aunt and uncle so-and-so during the summer and plopping down on a metal lawn chair in the back yard then smelling my own sizzling flesh as it was ripped from the backs of my legs when I stood up. I want to know what idiot thought those things would be a good idea for North Texas summers.

I bought a couple of small things but I left behind several things that are still calling my name from the store. One of them is a cobalt carnival glass pitcher that matches the footed bowl I have that was my grandmother's. The other is a set of milk glass spice jars that would be perfect for storing little sundries. My little sundries are in desperate need of attractive storage solutions. The only problem is that I need a heck of a lot more than 12 jars for my sundries. By the way, I opened a wardrobe in the store and it had little metal labels on its shelves for "shirts", "belts" and "sundries", so I've been all about sundries today.

They had this freaky metal medical cabinet that I just love. It's all rusty and gross but it plugs in and has this compartment on top for where they sterilized medical instruments. It's so Frankenstein...I love it!

Then there was this pie safe type cabinet that someone had put hardware cloth in the front of. Have you seen those earring holders that are made from attaching a piece of metal screening to a picture frame? I love those. Well, this cabinet sort of reminded me of those and I thought it would be such a cool thing to have in your bedroom or closet/dressing room. I would hang all my earrings and necklaces and costume jewelry from the hardware cloth on the outside so it would just be covered in colorful doodads. Then inside would be the perfect place to store scarves and purses and belts and hats and little accessories like that. I might have to go back and get that thing tomorrow.

Another weakness I have is for printers cabinets, trays, letters and supplies. I can't afford the cabinets, including this one which is in excellent condition and needs a loving home.

After about 3 hours of digging through all the fun antique stuff, Mayn and I realized that we were both extremely overheated and dehydrated. I don't know why neither one of us thought to grab a bottle of water before we left the house. We both thought that chewing a piece of gum might trick our bodies into thinking that we weren't really thirsty but that little plan backfired. I couldn't create enough saliva to turn the gum into gum. Shamayn had a little better luck than I did but after about a minute of chewing, the gum made her cotton mouth even worse so when we got outside the store and headed for the car, she gave her gum a good healthy blow thinking she'd shoot it across the parking lot and away from unsuspecting shoe soles. In her weakened state, her aim was off and she shot her gum directly onto the flag pole in the parking lot. And yes, we left it there. It was too funny not to.

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