Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If one's good, 638 are better

Look what I got today!!  638 little glass bottles from one of my most favorite places to order from: American Science & Surplus.  They set me back a whole $16.95.  How could I not buy them?  The only downside to this whole transaction is that I simply cannot figure out why there are 638.  They came all sealed up nice and neat and wrapped in bubble wrap so I'm assuming that's the way they come from the manufacturer but why 638??  It's driving me crazy!!  It's not even divisible by 12!  How insane is that??!!  And...now this will really bake your noodle...technically I did not receive 638 because 2 of them arrived broken.  2 out of 638 is not bad at all so I decided against demanding my 4/100ths of a cent back.  Here's the noodle baking part: Because of the 2 broken bottles, I received 636 bottles which IS DIVISIBLE BY 12!!!!  636 makes perfect sense!!  Maybe they knew.  Maybe they intentionally calculate 2 broken bottles per shipment so that their customers will receive a logical number of bottles. Or...maybe I'm undermedicated.

Assuming I can ever work past the math nightmare, I'm going to make something fabulous out of these.  Well, not all of them but a good portion of them.  I saw some cute necklaces on a Facebook page that were made from these little bottles and I want to try to make my own version.  Of course,  I will most likely go completely overboard and end up with something so huge and bulky it can never be worn but that's okay because there's a word for that.  It's not "mistake" it's "object d'art".

I already know I'm going to use guitar wire as the necklace base but the tough part will be coming up with enough interesting doodads to fill the bottles.  I could fill all 638...uh 636...with beads right now.  I've got enough in my stash to do that but how boring is that?  I want interesting doodads but they have to be tiny interesting doodads.  I will likely be collecting tiny things for a while before this can materialize.

I worked on Kaelei's paint chip book a little more last night.  I made a page with library pockets on each side for some of the samples.  I want to make at least 2 more pages like it with empty pockets for her to fill up any way she wants.  I've also decided I want to cover it in fabric and attach handles so it will be easier for her to carry.  At the rate I'm going she'll be getting this for Christmas 2015. 

Uumm.  That's all I have to say.  The end.


Mayn said...

I think your right, the company plans for breaks during shipment so they over pack a crazy off number so that when those bottles break you will get a good even number to work with!

Mayn said...

Kaelei is gonna LOVE this stuff! Don't burn yourself out trying to make it all perfect! She's not picky.

Out Of My Head said...

I never ever knew anyone that had this many little bottles. thats all i can say since i have to go put more ice on my eyes. I may not be able to get out of the house in where people are for years. I look terrible. and can't wear my glasses ause my nose is swollen and he didn't do anything to my nose.

donnaj said...

What a great score! I think maybe some ice resin w/"stuff" floating in it would be cool in those bottles-some of them anyway~or ice resin paper rolled up inside....just thinking

Janet Detter Margul said...

I need some of those bottles. Need them BAD. I'm gonna go buy 638, Donna J do you want half? Or more than half? I don't even need to split the cost or anything, I just need to rehome at least half of them.

Shannon, I'm still faithfully not reading your blog. And faithfully not writing mine. I may have to do something about that.

Shannon said...

Ice resin? What's ice resin? Donna! Have I been out of the art loop for so long that something new has been invented?! Holy cow, now I desperately NEED ice resin...and someone to tell me what it is and how to use it. Where can I buy it?

Janet you are a good friend to be so faithfully not reading my blog. That makes me feel loved and valued.