Saturday, May 15, 2010

Picnics and Firearms

Today was the baptism/picnic at church so last night I decided I'd better slap some polish on my toenails so that my feet would look at least almost human in sandals. I polished them all pretty and was happy with the job I'd done until I looked at my sister's feet. She had given herself a very classy french manicure on her toes. For mine, I'd chosen a color called "Mint Sprint". Shamayn's toes look like they belong on a princess, mine belong on Shrek.

Today I discovered that a half gallon of Blue Bell's Caramel Turtle Fudge ice cream and an 8-count box of caramel Drumsticks have a shelf life of less than 24 hours in my house. I am blaming my sister for this. If she wasn't here, that stuff would have lasted 36...maybe even 48 hours.

This afternoon, Mike decided he wanted to take Taylor and Kaelei to Barney's to teach them how to shoot a gun. The last time he visited, he insisted they all go get pedicures. He's a well-rounded individual. Taylor is not much of a gun person but she was all for learning how to use one. She said she wanted to shoot a "three five seven magnum". I can only assume this is something she saw on a computer game because she didn't say it quite right and she had no clue that her 80 pound body would not be able to handle the recoil. Uncle Mike wisely chose to outfit each girl with their own 9mm.
Kaelei chose a bin Laden target and got in several good body shots. Mike delivered the kill shots to the head.

Taylor chose a plain target, took 3 or 4 shots then realized that she was holding a deadly weapon in her hand. It upset her so much that she cried and vowed to never touch another gun as long as she lives. I suppose that might make some parents happy but we're just confused and considering DNA testing to see who this child belongs to.

Shamayn wants to go to some antique stores or flea markets tomorrow so that will be our goal for the day. Well...that and keeping Presley from sticking another screwdriver into an electrical outlet. It had a rubber handle so it's all good.

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